Italian Inspired Rooftop Kitchen Redesign in Venice, FL

Italian Inspired Rooftop Kitchen Redesign in Venice, FL

Our seriously cool Venice clients, sophisticated lovers of Italy, called our SRQ Interior Design team in to renovate their gorgeous home including its outdated rooftop kitchen.

The original rooftop kitchen needed a dramatic refresh, yet had an interesting red countertop which turned out to be the single piece of design inspiration.

We got right to work and chose the perfect red color for brand new cabinets and shelves, graphic white/black patterned tile for the entire back wall, and found vintage inspired black cabinet pulls, handles, and faucets. The new black countertop grounded the space.

Our skilled team at Sarasota Construction followed our lead with all demo and installation, did an amazing job and made our lovely clients very happy.

Stay tuned for more areas of this home’s remodel!

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