A great way to stage a bedroom for sale, or for that matter, if you just want to update your space on a budget, the best thing to do is to paint the walls an uplifting color. We used a soft blue tone to coordinate with the bedding. The next thing we focused on was creating balance on each side of the bed. We bought two identical table lamps and small tables, and updated the artwork above the bed. We stayed within the coastal feel so chose white and navy pieces, and brought in artwork from other areas of the home. Because the master bedroom was small, we added a light wood-framed mirror over the dark dresser and topped it with minimal white and navy ceramic accessories.

WM Master Bedroom – Before

WM Master Bedroom – After

The dark wood dresser was a shadow-creator so we changed out the dark wood pulls on it to white ceramic ones. To create height in the room, we framed all three of the windows with white linen-look curtain panels on updated silver rods, and replaced the taupe rug with a white one which lightened the floor as well as created an illusion of space. We added a side table and accessories next to the taupe leather accent chair, and put in closet doors in place of a closet curtain. The overall improvement is dramatic for a small budget. The client is thrilled!

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