Here’s what others are saying:

Jacqueline Paredi of SRQ Interior Design is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. At our first meeting we knew that Jacqueline was in our corner, she explained what she does, our costs involved and made sure we were all on the same wave length. We already had some furnishings but needed color and accessorizing to bring our home and lanai to life, that’s where Jacqueline excels. Her work is distinguished by her exceptional style, design skills, attention to detail, and experience. We would highly recommend Jacqueline and SRQ Interior Design to anyone wanting a beautiful home. She, indeed, made us very happy, as that was her goal!

– Stuart & Shelley Kushel | Sarasota, Florida


Jacqueline at SRQ Interior Design helped us decorate our new home in Longboat Key, and proved to be fantastic. Not only does she have a great sense of design, talent in combining colors, she’s peppy, efficient and responsive. She’s changed the way look at other people’s homes and I now realize that they all need more color. There’s too much beige and brown out there! She uses what we have and adds things and makes it all look so gorgeous. We love our home!

– Sue and Michael Boorstein | Longboat Key, Florida


We recently finished building a home in Venice and needed help from a designer. Sally from 24/7 Floors suggested we contact Jacqueline Paredi at SRQ Interior Design, and we’re delighted that we did. Jacqueline brings the three main capabilities you look for from a designer: taste, flair, and a Rolodex. She has an impeccable eye for colors and arrangements. She once walked through our den, looked at two pictures we’d hung ourselves, and in two seconds said, “That top one is an inch and a half too close to the bottom one.” Of course, she was right. She combines taste with flair. One of her mantras is, “Let’s mix things up.” She’s not afraid to use diagonals, for example, to solve a furniture placement problem. Finally, she has a Rolodex absolutely stuffed with the best resources—electricians, handymen, painters–you name it and she has someone to recommend. If you need design help, give SRQ Interior Design a call. You won’t regret it.

– Sharon Whiting & John Sullivan


This is not your typical recommendation. Jacqueline and I never met until the job was finished. That was the first challenge. All of the work was done through phone calls and text messages. The second challenge was taking over where another decorator had left off. But she quickly assessed/determined what we wanted based on what had been completed and then dove in. After seeing the results, I truly feel Jacqueline can work with any budget and any look or style you are trying to achieve. Trying to manage this project with 1,200 miles between us was a challenge for both of us. But when I walked into our finished place for the first time, I was truly amazed and felt it could not have turned out better had we been working side by side. Thank you Jacqueline for all of your hard work and turning our place into a dream come true.

– Rich Lewis


We were introduced to Jacqueline thru a referral. Best introduction ever. From the time she did her first walk thru and thru the five months she worked with us, nothing but enthusiasm, professionalism and transformation. Our former maze-of-color condo is now a tranquil, comfortable and cozy condo. We highly recommend her for her knowledge and insight. Her hands-on approach is appealing and she is fun to work with.

– Greg and Marcia Obarski | Sylvania, Ohio and Rotonda West, Florida


Jacqueline Paredi at SRQ Interior Design came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We are in the process of relocating our office and needed some assistance with the interior design. Jacqueline made it very easy, advising on color schemes as well as furniture. She worked around my schedule and my budget which is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this company.

– Jonathan Marsh | Home Helpers of Bradenton, Florida


Jacqueline from SRQ Interior Design understood exactly how to add drama, texture and just the right colors and prints to my modern rooftop garden. She selected bold print pillows in surprising but effective color contrast to my sofa seating, a dramatic outdoor rug to create a complete dining environment and a trio of showstopper planters. She also provided an excellent living room consultation and personal shopping services to find elegant pillow combinations.  I’m thrilled with the results!

– Dana Barta | New York City

SRQ Interior Design transformed my apartment into a showcase. I was delighted that Jacqueline worked with almost all of my own furniture and accessories. She shopped for finishing pieces and helped reorganize. Before her services, my apartment lacked style and was very cluttered. Now, I proudly lead my house guests through a tour of my beautiful apartment.

Before working with SRQ Interior Design, I complained about how uninspired my balcony was. After consulting with Jacqueline I have a colorful potted garden that I love. Jacqueline helped shop for the best plants for my balcony and advised how to care for them.

I am so proud of my home!

– Xu Yi Zhen | New York City


Waving her magical style wand, Jacqueline Paredi of SRQ Interior Design turns the mundane into the magnificent!

I have seen her transform a bland New York City rooftop into a lush Moroccan oasis; an old couch into a delightful divan befitting a sultan; and a concrete urban terrace into a romantic, secret garden. Simply put, Jacqueline is just one of those amazing talents who makes everything she touches fabulous.

Jacqueline’s 20+ years as a fashion designer inform her deep understanding of design, composition, color, fabric, patterns and textures—and delivering the goods on time, within budget, and answering to customer needs.

Add that to her lifelong passion for home and garden—in which she has proven experience turning the woeful into WOW!—and voilá, the perfect next step in her dynamic career.

A consummate professional, Jacqueline listens, assesses, moves nimbly and flexibly around project restraints, and delivers flawlessly. She’s honest, resourceful and downright lovely to work with. Run, don’t walk to SRQ Interior Design if you need help in transforming a room, a garden or a poolside into a delightful haven you’ll never want to leave.

– Sylvia De Martino | New York City

Professional….. Personal…. I highly recommend Jacqueline!

– Mark Turner | New York City


Jacqueline from SRQ Interior Design transformed not only my apartment but my life! I moved into my NYC apartment and couldn’t face the seemingly impossible task of deciding where everything should go. I am a collector of antique Native American crafts, costumes and textiles. Within 2 days Jacqueline transformed my large two-bedroom apartment into a living museum and a stunning home. She invented ways of showcasing my Native American wall hangings by wrapping my couch seats and backs with them, and re-arranged my furniture and art in a way that I never would have dreamed. She completely transformed my home and my life. I am so grateful to Jacqueline. I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful home!

– Sharon Ullman | New York City

Thank you! A testimonial to all your hard work.

We were recently referred to SRQ Interior Design, where we had the pleasure of consulting with Jacqueline Paredi. We are currently in the process of downsizing from our larger house, to a smaller villa. The villa’s living space is very different from our house. Until Jacqueline’s initial consultation, the experience of trying to decorate the villa, and decide what to take from our house, was totally overwhelming and stressful.

Jacqueline came to our house to assess our style, and color preferences. With this in mind, she presented us with creative options for the villa, utilizing some of our existing furniture and accent pieces. She also suggested unique and delightful additions for the villa, all the while respectful of our need to maintain a budget.

Jacqueline is an innovative, talented professional, who has gone “above and beyond” to assist us. Her expertise in design and redesign is fresh and outstanding. Thanks to Jacqueline’s valuable input, we are now able to look forward to moving into our personalized and comfortable new home. Thank you, Jacqueline!

– Terry and Bill Raczkowski | Sarasota Florida


I had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline from SRQ Interior Design on my home interior wall paint color selection.

She consulted me on just the right combination of colors for my home’s interior. I have a beautiful collection of colorful sculpture that I want to showcase, and Jacqueline found dramatic wall color solutions which are different enough from what I had, yet are new and refreshing. She arrived with a full arsenal of color samples, inspirational tools and room color combination images. With her guidance, it was fun process to be guided through to find the perfect colors for me. Jacqueline is patient, creative, and sensitive to my tastes and opinions. I highly recommend her services!

– Joyce Fox | Sarasota, Florida

What a wealth of information and doable ideas! Whether your budget is large or super small, Jacqueline can meet you where you are. She even provided valuable resources and ideas for DIY….loved working with her!!

– Erin Taylor


Sophisticated redecorating & Lanai styling with a romantic touch. Couldn’t be happier with Jacqueline’s service & taste.

– Thomas Roesicke

Jacqueline has a vast knowledge of fabric and color. That along with her decorative style will definitely give you the look you desire. She is mindful of the big picture and of each and every detail. She has a knack for suggesting just the right thing. Jacqueline is a good listener. She provides creative concepts and ideas geared to enhance your style of living. She is a true delight to work with—you will enjoy the process.  And you will love your home.

– Jill Greenberg | New York City


Colorful, sophisticated and brilliant design ideas.

– Yujung Chang | New York City

Jacqueline is Fantastic! She was able to transform both my home and my office simply by using the items I had and with only minimal purchases. She advised me to get rid of items that did not work and rearranged what I already had. She selected colors that are vibrant and fresh and fabrics that all go together. She has great taste and knows how to stay within a reasonable budget. I highly recommend her!

– Jules Roman, Yorkshire International Realty


Whether you’re a new home buyer that wants to make your dollars go further, or you’re ready to get the highest value for your property that you’re getting ready to sell, or a homeowner who is ready for an upgrade to make your house feel exciting and wonderful; this is the resource for you.

– Cat Gottlieb

I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline Paredi, owner of SRQ Interior Design for staging my residential listings. She is a pleasure to work with and knows just what to say to owners to maximize the aesthetics of their homes. When required, she provides a written staging consultation for my clients to follow. She re-spaces existing furnishings and accessories on the spot, and has a creative and elegant eye. Jacqueline also provides direction and shopping services for new affordable items for the homeowner as needed to enhance their spaces, indoors and out. She is high energy, has made my clients very happy, and has transformed homes dramatically even within her first staging consultation. I highly recommend SRQ Interior Design for residential staging and redesign.

– Liz Arme | Premier Sotheby’s International Realty


Jacqueline Paredi is an amazing re-designer. As a Realtor I am very selective about who I refer my customers and clients to and I am happy to say Jacqueline did an amazing job with one of my customers who is both selling and buying through me.  She was prompt, patient, knowledgeable and extremely thorough with a customer who needed a tremendous amount of help and guidance. I am grateful to have Jacqueline as one of my trusted resources to help not only my customers but also to help make my business run smoothly.

– Carey Beychok | RE/MAX Alliance Group, Sarasota, Florida