Can you mix silver and gold?

Are large frameless wall mirrors dated?

How necessary are blackout great room curtains for a Snowbird?

Do light cream walls provide enough of a design element?

Can you live with faux plants?

Here are a some solutions to modern day design challenges.

Our chic Longboat Key snowbird client asked us at SRQ Interior Design to update her beautiful coastal themed condo. Her great room already had a beautiful butter leather sectional sofa and new live edge stone coffee tables which set the tone for a serene and modern look. This room had a large corner frameless mirror reflecting her astonishingly dramatic waterfront view, however the view was blocked by distracting floral curtains and the effect of the mirror was disorienting. 

Our first step was to replace the heavy printed floral curtain panels with updated cream automatic honeycomb shades. This snowbird would only need to lower them while away, and enjoy more light and her gorgeous view while here. We then painted the walls from the light green to a calming soft cream color which beautifully coordinated with the butter colors of the sofa and floors. Adding silver neutralizes and enhances these warm golden tones, so silver was on the shopping list! We found a gorgeous hammered silver console table and stationed it along the huge wall mirror.

Once it was styled with high to low organic accessories, including a carved wood tray of convincingly real faux orchids for this snowbird, and the void below filled with two fine straw lidded storage baskets partially blocking the mirror’s lower reflection, this frameless mirror looked completely updated. The finishing touches of silver mirrored mini cocktail tables, silver and soft blue pillows and throws completed and balanced the gold tones of this beautiful great room.

Our design tricks include balancing (butter) golds with (grey) silvers, enhancing a huge wall mirror with a console table and filling the void below, letting in more light by using lesser used top-down shades rather than always visible heavy curtains, using a soft neutral cream wall color to enhance rather than distract, and adding convincingly real high quality faux plants as design elements.

Design matters!


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