From Sparkly to Zen: Transforming a Main Bath Vanity 

From Sparkly to Zen: Transforming a Main Bath Vanity 

We were thrilled to update a 90s-look sparkle-fest bathroom in a lofty Sarasota waterfront home. 

The busy mirrored swirling wall tile, swivel mirrored floor-standing medicine cabinet and dated double vanity didn’t invite a calming vibe so necessary in a main bathroom, the sanctuary next to the heart of the home. 

We got to work and removed the gaudy tiled wall and replaced the floating busy vanity combo with a simple rough hewn console style. We switched the 2 snorkel-look sconces with 3 linear style ones that added needed soft ambient light, and flanked them around 2 new ceiling height frameless mirrors.

We hid outlets inside the vanity, love the clean look of single hole faucets and rectangular semi-undermount vessel sinks.

We are excited for the next steps of adding artwork, textiles and floorplants to complete the look.

Check out our before and after pics here!

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