Creating Balanced Beauty in a Challenging Space

Creating Balanced Beauty in a Challenging Space

We were blessed to redesign every room for our downtown Sarasota client in his high-rise condo, and the most challenging and rewarding was balancing an awkward home office space.

An off-center bump-out and closet door in the corner of the room called for an innovative design solution of a planned wall to wall built-in: on the left of the bump-out we created a shallow 5” deep cabinet and floating shelves! Naturally the deeper parts of the built-in cabinets holds drop files, drawers and a printer, perfect for a home office, yet the illusion presents a balanced wall to wall built-in. Deep floating shelves on the right side balance shallow ones on the left.

Our cool client, a collector of Native American arts and crafts needed surfaces for his astonishingly vast collection, and pewter grasscloth wallpaper and a red desk was the backdrop and focal point. 

Check out our before and after photos and let us know what you think! 

Do you have a challenging space that you want to personalize? 

Do you have a challenging space that needs a style boost? Have a dull entry or lackluster dining room wall? Let’s talk.

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SRQ Interior Design up front with their fees and worked within our moderate budget. Jacqueline, the designer, was by our side throughout the whole process. She was a lifesaver and turned our house into a “home.” She handled everything from helping us choose paint colors, built-ins, millwork ideas, textiles, making dependable and honest contractor recommendations, taking us furniture shopping, shopping on her own on our request and making returns free of charge. Jacqueline worked with us exclusively throughout the 1½ year process (our timeline). We were amazed at her skillset not only with interior decorating, but with her willingness to step in and personally frame photos or stitch an item.

The best part was that Jacqueline leveraged the variety of international and local travel items that we had collected over the years. This was important as those items held great memories for us. Once we had items physically on-hand, Jacqueline suggested framing, textiles and accessories which made each item come to life. Jacqueline styled each room by making sure every item was in the right place with the right balance. Once Jacqueline got to know us, her decorator’s “eye” was on spot regarding our tastes and style.

Jacqueline is so genuine and down-to-earth; and really cares about making your home fit “you”. Her personality and talent speak for itself. Thank you, Jacqueline and SRQ Interior Design, for making this house our perfect home! 

Walter Sarasota