Creating Balanced Beauty in a Challenging Space

Creating Balanced Beauty in a Challenging Space

We were blessed to redesign every room for our downtown Sarasota client in his high-rise condo, and the most challenging and rewarding was balancing an awkward home office space.

An off-center bump-out and closet door in the corner of the room called for an innovative design solution of a planned wall to wall built-in: on the left of the bump-out we created a shallow 5” deep cabinet and floating shelves! Naturally the deeper parts of the built-in cabinets holds drop files, drawers and a printer, perfect for a home office, yet the illusion presents a balanced wall to wall built-in. Deep floating shelves on the right side balance shallow ones on the left.

Our cool client, a collector of Native American arts and crafts needed surfaces for his astonishingly vast collection, and pewter grasscloth wallpaper and a red desk was the backdrop and focal point. 

Check out our before and after photos and let us know what you think! 

Do you have a challenging space that you want to personalize? 

Do you have a challenging space that needs a style boost? Have a dull entry or lackluster dining room wall? Let’s talk.

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What a rewarding experience it was to find SRQ Interior Design to help me with my newly purchased condo.

The adventure all started with a request to frame an oil painting!  Jacqueline presented great ideas in that very first design meeting to enhance my Southwestern collection of art and Native American artifacts.

It was obvious that I had the right designer for my project, since our goals & taste coincided immediately and she was as excited and enthusiastic as I to get started.
Jacqueline was so energetic, patient, full of ideas and nothing was too difficult for her.

By the time we were done, she created beautiful spaces of every room, including finding the perfect furniture, fans and lights, bedding, pillows and accessories, window treatments and even wall colors and grasscloth wallpapers that enhance my art collection.

We redesigned the kitchen and bathrooms which also support my overall theme of native American art.

I find myself walking around my home staring at everything and marveling at how well appointed and beautiful everything turned out.

What a feat! I love my home!

I highly recommend SRQ Interior Design, because Jacqueline designed within my own style, found things that I love which enhance my collection and never would have thought to add on my own.

She was my ally, helped manage the trades and deliveries, was hands on, responsive and was a pleasure to work with.

The result: a beautiful, creative & personalized home.

It would be my pleasure to have any potential client see first hand, what a top of the line designer can accomplish when given the opportunity.

Thank you Jacqueline, you’re the best!