Our charming Longboat Key clients needed an upgrade of their charmless guest bathroom in their beautiful new home. Their guest bathroom had nothing going for it except for a good floor-plan and a high quality shower. This room needed a transformation with pops of color, better lighting and a seriously fun personality infusion to match our client’s

SRQ Interior Design went right to work to upgrade the space. We chose a soft cream paint color for the walls (as the taupe color did nothing for our color theme) and replaced the dated vanity with a clean shaker style vanity. We chose a clean grey quartz countertop, under-mount rectangular sink and a modern single hole faucet. This already made an enormous improvement to the space.

The balance of their updated home was designed and decorated within a color theme of navy, orange with yellow, white and grey. Because the guest bathroom was windowless and would host seasonal visitors we wanted a fun and whimsical feel, so we brightened up the color story to yellow and bright blue. We were inspired to add these colors for accessories, towels and framed art.

We chose a beautiful navy wood frame for a tall narrower custom bevelled mirror and centered it over the sink portion of the vanity. (The original frameless oversized mirror did nothing to enhance the space.) Centered in the mirror and over the sink we hung a beautiful gold cylindrical pendant light. This added color, height, drama and light to this small guest bathroom. The space that the unnecessary medicine cabinet took up was replaced with a brightly colored hand towel on a ring. An accessory tray with a colorful vase of tropical flowers, whimsical wall art and a mix of blue and yellow patterned towels, and a rug were the final touches for this guest bathroom interior design project.