Can You Spot the Built-In?

Can You Spot the Built-In?

Our clients with a beautiful newly built home in Sarasota had an off-center family room wall because of a doorway on the left side.

The shape of this great-room determined the new furniture placement (another chair is coming soon for the right side) which presented us with a challenge. We needed to place the focal point of the tv and credenza in the ideal position, yet create a balance for the entire room.

Our solution was to build OUT the wall a few inches just behind the new credenza, line the base of this new wall with white baseboard, and accent paint this new area in a dramatic sexy color which gave the room a proper centerpiece.  This wall also hid part of the TV armature which would have been exposed on the sides. A faux tree and balanced artwork were added as final touches.

Do you have any challenging spaces that need flow and balance?

Pop out wall

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