SRQ Interior Design

SRQ Interior Design (formerly Nest Refine Redesign) is dedicated to helping homeowners at one or both stages of their move: from staging their homes to generate the highest dollar offer, to redesigning their new homes from curb appeal to lanai.

For Redesign, whether for a new homeowner or one who wants to enhance their current residence, we focus on “Adding Personality”, our client’s, into their space. We create custom furniture placement plans, interior and exterior wall color consultations, as well as shop for affordable furniture and accessories. We source new wall art, electronically customize family photos, create custom window treatments and upholstery. From the front door’s enhanced curb appeal, through the house, including the back lanai, we identify a selection of home furnishings that form a cohesive look and appeal to our client’s lifestyle and taste. We have a team of high end yet affordable framers, skilled custom interior design seamstresses, audio/visual specialists and electricians, painters, furniture refinishers, wall muralists, and landscape architects to affordably enhance and create your paradise!

For Staging, our goal is to restyle the home to appeal to the broadest customer base and command the highest sale offer. We refer to this process as “Removing Personality”. We focus on using what our clients already own, help de-clutter and if necessary we move furnishings and items from one room to another to create an elegant room flow. We provide shopping services for affordable items if needed to complete a room. We “move mountains” and make a huge improvement in as little as one day.

“What a wealth of information and doable ideas! Whether your budget is large or super small, Jacqueline can meet you where you are. She even provided valuable resources and ideas for DIY….loved working with her!!”

– Erin Taylor

Jacqueline Paredi

Jacqueline Paredi, President and Founder of SRQ Interior Design, comes from a long history of creative fabric arts, fashion designing, and enhancing living spaces.

While living in New York City as a successful fashion designer, she found her passion in redesigning neighbor’s interiors, rooftops and balconies in their own style. Years of designing coordinating fabrics for her clothing collections was the foundation for creating residential color stories. Her passion for fabrics translated into her ability to coordinate rugs, pillows, furniture, wall color and artwork, customized to her client’s tastes and style.

She inherited a passion for potted gardens from her English mother, and refined the art of enhancing outdoor living spaces. SRQ Interior Design (Nest Refine Redesign LLC) was launched in Sarasota in early 2016 and its founder, Jacqueline Paredi, is thrilled to be busy working with realtors and home owners, and generating a steady stream of happy clients!


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