A WOW Transformation of a Lakewood Ranch Family Room

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A WOW Transformation of a Lakewood Ranch Family Room

Our chic Sarasota clients, tired of their dated family room, contacted SRQ Interior Design to do our magic! We needed to address the focal point of the room, so the first thing we changed was to add a linear electric fireplace, raise the TV and cover the new firebox with large stone look ceramic tile. These updated linear fireplaces can emit heat or not, and have realistic dancing flames whether the tv is on or off!

The next huge change was to eliminate the three arched indents on the big sofa wall, and frame textured wall paper there instead. We chose a woven grey and white vinyl wallpaper to balance the gold warm veins in the firebox tile and contrast the existing warm ceramic floors.  Our artist Mary Fragapane from Wall Wizardry refined the finish of the wood frame around the wallpaper to create texture and enhance the space. Once the arches were gone, we could place the furniture without being assigned a living room wall center point.

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Then came new wall color a modern fan, new rug and furniture, artwork and accessories. Our clients already had 2 beautiful leather sofas, yet we switched their positions to have the larger one on the long wall. We framed smaller artwork in larger mats and frames and added loads of organic elements to bring nature in. We love our Florida local artists, so added custom sized native bird paintings to the left wall while eliminating an awkwardly placed console table.

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